Custom Cabinet Estimator-Additional User

20.00 20.0 USD 20.00 per month


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    This combination does not exist.


    ATTENTION: This item is an additional CONCURRENT user for the Custom Cabinet Estimator-ONLINE Version, you only need to pay for ADDITIONAL users if one or both of the following two conditions exists:

    1. You will have Concurrent users , concurrent referring to simultaneous users, multiple users using the software at the same time
    2. You need the header information in your reports to be unique to each user (the contact information for the user who produces the reports will be included in the header of those reports)

    I highlight the word CONCURRENT above because you only need to pay for additional users if they are concurrent (several users that never use the software at the same time are not concurrent users).

    I highlight the word ONLINE above because this only relates to the Online version, not the Desktop version.

    I use the word ADDITIONAL above because when you purchase Custom Cabinet Estimator-Online, your monthly recurring cost includes ONE USER license, so you only need to purchase additional users above and beyond that included user.