Custom Cabinet Estimator-Desktop V8-UPGRADE

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    ATTENTION: This is the DESKTOP Version AND is an UPGRADE (you must already own a previous version of Custom Cabinet Estimator)

    There are two distinct versions of Custom Cabinet Estimator:

    First there is the ONLINE version that we host on our servers (a Cloud version), for the Online version you pay a one-time setup fee, then a recurring (monthly fee) for having it hosted in the “Cloud”.

    Then there is this DESKTOP version that you pay for once (no recurring fees of any kind) and install on your PC.
    NOTE: there is an additional cost if a new version is developed, and you want to update to that new version, typically these new versions are offered to existing users for 40% off the selling price of the new version, but these new versions are optional, you only purchase them if you see value in the new features added.

    The advantages of this DESKTOP version are:

    • You do not have to have internet access to use it
    • There are no recurring fees, it’s a one time purchase (unless you choose to take advantage of future upgrades)

    The disadvantages of this DESKTOP version are:

    • There is no multi-user version of this DESKTOP version, if you need multiple concurrent users using the program, you will need the ONLINE version.
    • You can’t access this version from multiple machines, so if you want to do Estimates and/or Proposals from a machine at your home office, and another at your office, you will either have to use a remote connection, or choose the ONLINE version instead.

    Free support for this software is provided in the form of Video Course. All other support is billed on an hourly basis, and must be scheduled in advance. You can schedule one-on-one support/consulting here.


    Estimating Software for Custom Cabinetmakers

    If you want the ability to build accurate estimates and proposals, without the need to draw your project first, Custom Cabinet Estimator is the estimating solution you have been searching for.

    The process of building your Estimate and/or Proposal is treated like an interview, with lots of reminders and visual indicators that help you include everything needed. The process is quick and simple, you need to know the linear footage of each cabinet type (i.e., Base, Upper, Tall and Vanity), the number of each cabinet configuration (i.e., Drawer over Pair, Drawer over Single, 3 Drawer Stack, 4 Drawer Stack, False Front over Pair, etc.), all the material selections (i.e., Door Style, Wood Specie, Finish Process. etc.) and all your trim, molding and accessory selections.

    Custom Cabinet Estimator accounts for all your materials (outsourced or manufactured in-house), all of your finish material and labor, right down to the number of sides you plan to finish, functional and decorative hardware and any functional accessories you can make or purchase. Custom Cabinet Estimator also provides the structure to account for sales efforts, design labor, delivery, overhead and PROFIT.

    When you estimate your projects using Custom Cabinet Estimator, you can rest assured that you have covered all your bases, and hand over or send out those Estimates and Proposals with confidence that you will make money now and in the future. The software comes pre-loaded with hundreds of items (Doors, Drawers, Materials, Accessories, Trim, Molding, etc.) and suggested pricing (you will need to adjust for your actual material costs, labor rates and overhead).