True32 Website Theme-Gen3

(Requires a Website Plan)

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    This Website Theme requires you to purchase a Website Plan. 

    This Website Theme is specific to Certified True32 Custom Cabinetry Manufacturers and True32 Custom Cabinetry Affiliates

    To utilize this theme you will need to have read my book, True32 Flow Manufacturing and meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • Have attended the True32 Training Workshop
    • Are an active member of GoodProfitGroup
    • Can demonstrate that you are outsourcing your FrameZERO Cabinetry components from Cabinotch utilizing the Cabinotch Full Access Library in KCD (and that you are using leg levelers and suspension system)
    • Can demonstrate that you are manufacturing FrameZERO Cabinetry using leg levelers and suspension system

    If this theme suits your needs, it is the least expensive option as all that I need to do is replace all instances of True32 Custom Cabinetry with your company name, switch out the logo in the header and the footer with your logo, add your contact information where appropriate, add your email address as the recipient of all Submit buttons, and a few other tweaks and it’s ready to go. This theme includes a nice selection of curated project images in the Galleries section to get you started, and there are video tutorials available to assist you in adding your own featured projects, and adding to and/or editing most any part of the website.

    This theme is based on CMS (Content Management System), so your content is stored in a database, and you can change the look and feel without compromising your content. This theme if fully responsive (it will work as well on mobile devices as it does on a PC or Mac).

    This theme can be edited by you or your employees using only a browser (no special software needed). You can also add your own images and image Galleries without having to compress or optimize your photos first, and if you checkout the Courses page here on this site, there are video tutorials to coach you through that process, or you can pay me to do that work for you.

    This theme is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly right out of the box, but can be optimized even further by me or by you. The basics are covered, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to SEO, and you need to know that SEO is a moving target.

    This theme includes all content shown on the sample site with your company specific content replacing the True32 Custom Cabinetry branded content. This theme can also be customized as much as your time allows (or your wallet can stand if you want me to do it). You can visit the Sample Website by clicking on the link below.

    Home – True32 Custom Cabinetry