Let's Explore Custom Cabinet Estimator

Each month we will have an informal 1-hour Webinar on Custom Cabinet Estimator, and you can join us for FREE. I will attempt to have a tip or trick that I have discovered myself, or others have figured out, then during some sessions we may spend a little time talking about new features that are in the works, or have been released, then we will devote the rest of each session to Q&A.

Who is this Webinar for, well obviously it is ideal for current users of Custom Cabinet Estimator, but it is also useful for those interested in Custom Cabinet Estimator, and want to hear from other users  how it works for them before committing to the program (because I am biased, Custom Cabinet Estimator is the best thing since pockets on a shirt). So these Webinars are for any Custom Cabinet Manufacturer that is interested in Custom Cabinet Estimator, or current users who want to learn more, and share their own knowledge and experience with others.


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