Custom Cabinet Planner-V6 (Notion Template)

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    Before You Purchase
    Custom Cabinet Planner

    This Notion Template could potentially revolutionize your company's sales and manufacturing performance, and at what the template will cost you, what do you have to lose?

    ATTENTION: It will help if you do the following before you purchase the app:

    Step 1

    1. Your first step is to create a new FREE Notion Account (at some point you may need to upgrade to a paid plan if you have a large team, or you add enough data to surpass the Free limits, which are pretty huge). 

    Depending on how you plan to use Custom Cabinet Planner and the size of your team, you may need to go with a PAID plan.

    If you are a small company working alone or with a couple employees, you should be fine using the FREE plan or the Plus plan. 
    The Free plan allows you to invite up to 10 guests, and those can be your team members as well as clients.
    The Plus plan allows up to 100 guests, and those can be your team members as well as clients. This is the plan most small companies choose.

    The caveat is if you plan to invite your team members into Notion using company URL email addresses (everyone's email ends with, or net, or any of the other extensions, then Notion will automatically convert your account to a Business Account, and you will be paying $15 to $18 per user per month. The alternative is to use Gmail addresses for your team if you do not want to pay for each team member.

    If you are a larger company with more than a couple employees, you should probably use at least the Plus plan, but if you want lots of control over your team members accounts, you will want to go with the Business account. 

    If you already have a Notion account, skip to step 5. If not, go to the Notion Website and enter the email address you want to use in the “Enter your email…” box outlined in red in the image below and click the Sign up button.

    Step 2

    2. You will then get this screen, or something similar with your email address filled in. Click on the ‘Continue with email’ button. You may or may not get a popup for a signup code, but if you do, check your email and enter the supplied code.

    Step 3

    3. You will be asked to enter your information for your account next, then you will be taken to this screen where you choose between ‘For myself’ or ‘With my team’. For the vast majority of users, you will choose "For myself", and the Guest feature works fine to invite your team and customers into the app. In some cases, where you have more than a couple team members, and/or want more security features, you may want to choose "With my team", just be sure you understand the cost if you invite team members in using a company email address. So click the radio button that fits your needs, and click Continue. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade later.

    Step 4

    4. That will activate the appropriate block (I will use the "For myself" block for these instructions), and click the Take me to Notion button.

    Step 5

    5. Now you are ready to purchase the app, which will give you access to the link to download the template, and further instructions will be included with the link.